While availability of technology and connectivity has liberated data, and created a data revolution. This new cyber landscape has opened many attack vectors for state and non-state actors to engage in nefarious activities from DDOS and Ransomware to corporate espionage. To offer our client a comprehensive Security Risks and Compliance solutions.


    Kaygen has partnered with SecureWorks with Over 2,200 employees and 4,400 clients across 59 countries is recognized as an industry leader. SecureWorks is positioned in the Leaders quadrant of Gartner's 2017 Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services. Its Counter Threat Unit™ research team has 80+ dedicated security researchers   Focused on emerging threat trends, Rapid countermeasure development.

    Kaygen and SecureWorks provide comprehensive Governance Risk and Compliance solution that includes:

    Web Application Scanning and Firewalls
    Compliance Consulting, Incident Response, Endpoint Security and SIEM log management
    Intrusion prevention and detection
    Unified Threat Management
    Advance Threat Management
    Enterprise Network Firewalls

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