Business Intelligence and Analytics

    Kaygen offers broad experience in Business Intelligence & Analytics can help you leverage the power of your information assets. Our business-centric approach and methodologies deliver high-impact applications specific to your organizational needs.

    Kaygen experts provide value with Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions

    Provide with critical insights that improve the ability to make decisions quickly
    Enable customers to more easily connect information, processes, technology, and people
    Increase customer satisfaction
    Drive business improvement (Providing you with the ability to make fast decisions and focus on areas requiring immediate attention)
    Provide information that reinforces the business strategy (Allowing your organization to measure itself against the defined goals and objectives, ensuring KPIs are useful and relevant)
    Provide consistent reporting and information sharing (A single version of the truth that is easily accessible by everybody and reporting tools that are selected based on the requirements of the users and the information)
    Standardize data (Multiple disparate systems result in fragmented information that is often stored in different formats. Kaygen BI solutions can help standardize and rationalize this data)
    Improve data quality (If you can see the information clearly you can identify anomalies with the data quickly and action initiatives to clean the data)

    Kaygen Advantage

    Kaygen’s STARSTM principle guides clients on Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse solution developments independent of domain or industry. The Kaygen STARSTM principle is:


    Context-aware business domain specific information


    Timing is key to the effective decision making and seizing the opportunity


    Availability of information to right people at the right time


    Veracity of data and information is foundational. Even a highly sophisticated technology solution can be rendered ineffective without reliable data


    Loss of data assets can be highly detrimental to any organization thus security, and access control are a must-have attribute for a good technology solution

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Kaygen is actively involved in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. We are working with our clients to provide them with automated machine learning that can help them build, test, and deploy predictive models quicker. Kaygen is also developing BI solutions utilizing Advance Natural Language Processing. This cloud-based solution allows business to automatically assess the data write an analysis to help in effective and efficient decision making.

    Customer Success

    Mastec: MasTec Advanced Technologies is a network of service professionals installing technology solutions to residential and commercial customers throughout the United States. Kaygen delivered analytics strategy and new capabilities to process raw operational and financial data into standardized information for meaningful analytics.
    Securitas: Kaygen is working with the North America operations of the largest security companies in the world. Kaygen is designing and deploying their Cloud based HR Analytics solution providing enhanced insightsin order to effectively manage over 90,000 employees.
    Insurance: Largest Insurance Guarantee Association in the US partnered with Kaygen to custom developClaims Analytics solutions. Kaygen delivered this custom solution handling 48 million claims transactions associated with 500,000 claims.

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