Dr. Donald Berwick. Institute for Health Improvement (IHI) defines the Triple Aim as “a framework for optimizing health system performance.” There are three components to the Triple Aim:

    Improve the experience of care
    Improve the health of populations
    Reduce the per capita costs of healthcare

    In a nutshell, it is about Quality of care rather than quantity of care. With the rollout of ACA that mandated the use of EMR there is a large volume of data collected by electronic health record (EHR) technology which includes structured and unstructured data, for example, (clinical notes or patient records.) one can see a strong case for Analytics and Big Data to enable:

    Improved patient experiences
    Process improvement and operational efficiency
    Evidence-based diagnosing and treatment planning
    Comparative analysis of clinical performance
    Financial performance management

    Kaygen is working with top healthcare organizations improving system performance across various departments within the institution involved in the care value chain. With our data expertise, we are just the partner to help you manage Information veracity in HER technology that comes from diverse sources, hospitals, prior doctors, third-party payers and other organizations.

    Customer Success

    Cedar Sinai: The top ranked healthcare provider. Kaygen has been providing high demand non-clinical health information services to support regulatory & compliance needs.
    Beckman Coulter: For a provider of medical testing equipment and supplies, Facilitated manufacturing systems consolidation through cleansing and standardization of product data from legacy manufacturing applications. Also provided global marketing team consolidated and cleansed 360 degree view of their customer base enabling marketing campaign segmentation, reporting, and analytics.
    CHG Healthcare: For a leading provider of medical professional temporary and permanent staffing services, delivered customer data management solutions to position the company to reap the benefits of new online e-invoicing and time entry systems.
    Dexcom: Kaygen helped position a maker of continuous glucose monitoring systems to dramatically reduce order error rates by harnessing insights from their complex data of constituents involving patients, health care providers, insurance companies, hospitals and more. As a result, the company was positioned to keep pace with dramatic growth as their product gained approval and coverage from insurance carriers.

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