Kaygen has enjoyed a long association with the financial services industry. We have worked with some of the leading players in the industry. Our work spans Banking and Credit Union, Broker Dealer and Wealth Management, Consumer Finance & Credit to Insurance.

    Data fidelity is at the heart of financial services industry whether looking at the strategic growth strategies or addressing everchanging regulatory and compliance landscape Kaygen can provide the needed expertise and right solutions to our clients.

    The Financial Services Sector, a multi trillion dollar market, is on the front lines of real Data Revolution. Leveraging Big Data and IoT which is now offering information based on sensors, satellite images, web and app scraping, sentiment analysis data via social media, credit card transactions, geolocation, weather, crowdsourcing estimates, B2B and B2C financial data sets to draw on existing and new sources of data for a competitive advantage.

    Financial Services Sector has wholeheartedly adopted High-Performance Computing (HPC)and AI. High-Frequency Trading where fractions of a second can make a difference in billions. However equally crucial with HPC is Data fidelity to meet numerous regulatory and compliances requirement.

    Kaygen with its data first approach has successfully partnered with leading financial services institutions to deliver mission-critical enterprise information management solutions. Our experts with decades of financial sector experience can help you transform your organization so you can realize the benefits of data-driven decision making.

    Customer Success

    Charles Schwab: For a major Financial Services institution, streamlined and improved Data Governance and Data Quality processes for enhanced ability to rapidly and effectively respond to change Federal regulatory compliance and reporting requirements. Enabled a process to aggregate, cleanse, and analyze Financial and Risk related information and provided KPIs for monitoring and tracking.
    Experian: A global leader in consumer and business credit reporting. Kaygen has been delivering technology solution for over 10 years to various business units nationwide. With the recent acquisition and realignment, we have provided services to enable business transformation and cloud migration.
    Broadridge: Provided a streamlined customer data management solution for a leading provider of investor communications, to improve customer interactions and business operations by establishing single source of truth for customer data. Minimized manual effort required to maintain and manage customer data and established the 360 degree view of the customer for improved insight and analytics.

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