Data Strategy and Governance

    Data has become critical to achieving competitive advantage in business.

    Kaygen provides comprehensive Enterprise Data Strategy services to enable our clients to harness data effectively and enhance their decision-making capabilities. We take a comprehensive approach to Data Governance, which encompasses organization structures, short- and long-term business objectives, functional alignments, enterprise applications landscape, data maturity, data architectures, and information management.

    Industry by Numbers

    Data Governance is becoming a key enabler for organizations to transform data into business value. Business data is growing in scale, complexity and velocity as companies strive to gain access to more diverse data sets that span cloud services, social technologies and mobile devices.

    Kaygen delivers best practices and data governance solutions to mitigate risks and improve compliance. Our best-in-class solutions bridge the gap between business, operations and IT functions as well as regulatory bodies.

    Kaygen’s high level Data Governance Methodology:

    Customer Success

    Young’s Market Company: One of the largest US wholesale and distribution of wine, spirits company relied on Kaygen to help build their Data Management and Governance organization to streamline their Sales, Marketing and Operations activities across the organization.
    Charles Schwab: For a major Financial Services institution, streamlined and improved Data Governance and Data Quality processes for enhanced ability to rapidly and effectively respond to change Federal regulatory compliance and reporting requirements. Enabled a process to aggregate, cleanse, and analyze Financial and Risk related information and provided KPIs for monitoring and tracking.

    Master Data Management

    Is your organization drowning in data, but starving for information?

    Does your organization have a single system of record or source of truth, or is your data preventing your organization from gaining an accurate and organized view of your business across the enterprise?

    Kaygen has deployed over 30 Data Management applications and platforms in the last 3 years alone, leveraging industry leading Data Hub, Data Quality and Data Management technologies. Let Kaygen Data Management services establish your single source of truth to be shared and used across your business processes and enable accurate Business Intelligence and analytics.

    Industry by Numbers

    Customer Success

    Applied Industrial Technologies: For a leading industrial supply retailer and distributor, Kaygen provided a comprehensive product data search and matching capability of their multi-million item database. Kaygen worked with their National bid response team to match and fulfil purchase requests from their customers with their item database. By providing a higher match rate and ability to fulfil more products for their clients, their win rates increased while maximizing their deal size, significantly increasing competitive bids and sales wins.
    Brooks Running: One of our clients in athletic footwear and apparel was looking to increase their online direct web sales. However, they had a problem where they had significant duplication in their customer data causing challenges across the organization and preventing them from achieving their online sales goals. Kaygen was able to solve their customer data duplication problem and harmonize their customer data across their key systems and processes. By delivering the 360 degree view of the customer, not only did their online sales channel business increase, but they were able to use the data in their data lake to see that the average cart size for customers on their e-mail marketing list, was approximately 30% higher than their other customers through improved business intelligence and marketing analytics, fueling their marketing initiatives.
    Trimble: Developed capabilities for a major provider of commercial advanced positioning solutions to deliver superior account management and operational efficiencies through real-time integration, harmonization and consolidation of customer account information between multiple front-end CRM and back-end ERP systems.

    Data Quality and Stewardship

    It’s about time for your enterprise data to work for you, rather than you working on your enterprise data!

    Kaygen enables extensive Data Quality and Stewardship capabilities that are attuned for specific data quality-related tasks, data migration, and movement of massive amounts of data from multiple data sources to target repositories. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, Kaygen quickly identifies data quality issues and builds guidelines for issue remediation, prevention, and metrics tracking.

    Customer Success

    Young’s Market Company: Kaygen delivered Enterprise Data Quality supporting Young’s Enterprise Resource Planning implementation across all states they operate supporting 45 downstream systems.
    Flint Hill Resources: Kaygen assisted a major refinery in the oil & gas industry meet and exceed regulatory compliance for air emissions, enabling consistent and accurate reporting across the organization and with regulatory bodies. Through providing IoT data cleansing capabilities of the data coming from the sensors on the equipment in their refineries, the organization was able to use the data to provide accurate regulatory reporting, avoiding multi-million dollar fines while helping them achieve their green initiative and air emission goals through better visibility into the operations of their equipment.
    Fruit of the Loom: For a consumer products manufacturer in the apparel industry, Kaygen was able to help streamline and improve their product information management process. With the improved process, the organization was able to provide complete and accurate product information to their retailers and improve time to market, improving their ability to claim valuable retailer shelf-space.

    Data Integration API

    Enable Digital Transformation with Data Integration & API Cloud Platform Services.

    Kaygen API Cloud services deliver a comprehensive, best-in-class platform with hundreds of out-of-the-box adapters to seamlessly integrate on-premise and cloud applications along with real-time, fault-tolerant data integration and replication services supporting a wide variety of on-premise and cloud databases. Only Kaygen delivers such a complete offering to accelerate integration with zero-code point and click visual orchestration, flexible API management, comprehensive integration analytics, data governance and the fastest data migration and integration.

    Customer Success

    Riverbed: Kaygen accelerated quote-to-cash process and enabled Riverbed to rapidly grow and leverage new and advanced customer insights by integrating customer data across front and back-office systems utilizing real-time web services to integrating Cloud CRM, ERP, and external data enrichment systems.
    Trimble: Kaygen developed capabilities for Trimble to deliver excellent account management and operational efficiencies through real-time integration and consolidation of customer accounts between front-end CRM and back-end ERP systems.
    Biovia: Kaygen implemented Oracle EDQ, CDH, and SOA integration and associated customer data governance and management processes.Enabled IT transformation and strategic M&As. Streamlined quote-to-cash process using SOA-based integration and customer data management capabilities harmonizing customer data across the organization. Achieved data quality compliance of 99% for key data quality metrics.
    Insurance: Kaygen enabled largest Insurance Guarantee Association in the country to integrate industry specific data into their Core System with a custom User Interface (UI) to interact with Data.

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