Designs are becoming more complex, while product lifecycles are shortening. Intense competition is driving High Tech to enhance its customer service strategy.

    Today’s high technology companies face a hotbed of operational and market challenges. Lengthy order-to-delivery cycles for customized and complex configurations are impacting revenues. Order accuracy is tough to maintain with regular configuration changes. Product lifecycles are shortening, putting new pressures on high technology companies to improve product management processes.

    High technology companies see tremendous growth opportunity in post-sales services, yet many don’t know how to strategically and logistically expand their services offerings.  Too many High technology organizations lack the integrated manufacturing environment to effectively collaborate with global manufacturing partners.

    Accelerate Product Development and Lifecycle Management.  High technology companies devote significant resources and budgetary spend on managing and differentiating products from conception to delivery.  You need rapid product innovation and during development and manufacturing you need the capabilities to improve quality management, meet compliance demands, and efficiently manage configuration changes.  You also need a product lifecycle management strategy that offers superior visibility for intelligent decision = making every step of the way.

    Optimize the opportunity to order flow, elevate marketing and sales.  Your opportunity to order flow should allow your marketing and sales teams to reach the right prospects and capitalize on opportunities when they arise.

    Enhance the Order to Delivery cycle, improve planning and fulfillment.  As consumers, we now expect increased personalization, same-day delivery, simple interactions, and real-time visibility of our order status.  We are not forgiving if the quality of the product or packaging does not meet our expectations. What was once considered best in class performance would only be mediocre today and what was once considered acceptable could now put you out of business.

    To meet changing customer expectations and stay ahead of rising global competition, manufacturing companies are learning to constantly do more with less. New technologies have been instrumental in improving manufacturing performance as capabilities have evolved over the years.

    This adaptation requires a new way of thinking – a fundamental difference in the way High Tech companies conduct business.   Let Kaygen Enterprise Solutions specialists and services help your organization embrace and leverage new technologies faster.

    Customer Success

    Biovia: 3DS: For a major productivity software provider to the Life Sciences R&D community, provided customer data management and data quality capabilities to facilitate their IT transformation and strategic M&As while dramatically improving order accuracy. Streamlined quote-to-cash process using SOA-based integration and achieved data quality compliance of 99% for key data quality metrics.
    Trimble: Developed capabilities for a major provider of commercial advanced positioning solutions to deliver superior account management and operational efficiencies through real-time integration, harmonization and consolidation of customer account information between multiple front-end CRM and back-end ERP systems.
    For a worldwide leader in consumer transaction technologies, delivered product information management and data quality capabilities to manage their sales catalog of complex products and services. Aligned the sales catalog with their ERP/fulfillment products and parts and enabled rapid M&A onboarding to achieve rapid time to revenue for acquired product lines.

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