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    Strategy Without
    Tactics is the
    Slowest Route
    to Victory.
    - Sun Tzu


We know you need sustained “Information Excellence” and that to be cost-effective, streamlined and responsive… KAYGEN Data Stewardship Subscription (DSS) is an outsourced service allowing you to achieve maximum value from your business-critical applications. DSS becomes the extension of your Enterprise Information Management practice to ensure sustained value for your organization. DSS service is cost effective, streamlined and responsive, helping you to achieve information excellence.

You can now manage costs and response times to the Business stakeholders by leveraging our subscription services powered by Oracle Enterprise Data Quality.

KAYGEN supports your ongoing data integration projects deployed on cloud infrastructure including end-to-end licenses, maintenance and support.

  • Harmonize critical customer data across front and back office systems resulting in significant sales and productivity improvements

  • Quickly migrate and operationalize customer data from newly acquired companies

  • Reduce the time and risk involved in software upgrades and business transformation initiatives with cleansed master data

  • Establish a formal Data Governance Model & Process to manage key & common attributes driving alignment and trust in account and contact data

  • Define how cross disciplined teams, functions need / want to use account hierarchies

  • Define attributes that are needed to report, segment, roll-up and use, make Account & Contact data more useable

  • Define attributes that are needed to report, segments, markets, targets, roll-up

  • Define how Sales and Marketing need/want to use Account hierarchies

Ask us about 3 standard service bundles or request a custom package to meet your needs.



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