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Data Governance and Stewardship

It is our close partnership with Executive Sponsors and key Stakeholders in your organization that lead to excellence. We work with you to provide not just best practices, but best-fit-practices. Oracle Enterprise Data Quality and Collibra Data Governance Center are the best-in-class solutions we leverage to deliver the foundation for true Information Excellence.

Master Data Management

How do you operationalize the core data assets enterprise wide? Whether you are a mid-size Media and Publishing company or a Fortune 500 Industrial Manufacturer, the same principles apply: You need a business-driven, flexible, secure, scalable and integrated MDM solution.

KAYGEN has been deploying Oracle’s Master Data Hubs and Data Management Applications (Customer, Product, Supplier, Site) successfully to deliver successful business outcomes with:

  • Customer Experience
  • Operational Excellence
  • Actionable Analytics
  • M&A and other Strategic Initiatives

Request a rapidValue Advisory engagement to see how MDM can be the cornerstone for your Information Excellence.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Enterprise landscape has been rapidly changing. Ever-increasing business dynamics are demanding better insights. KAYGEN helps to drive better business performance and improve client satisfaction through business intelligence and analytics. Analytic applications can be the answer to the data access and insight delivery challenges. The most effective analytic applications pull data from multiple enterprise sources and shed insight into the status and effectiveness of business operations. While enterprise applications are required to run the business, analytic applications are mandatory to make sense of it.

  • Track actual performance versus budget or measure the profitability of customers or products (financial).

  • Track the size of the pipeline and identify the most profitable opportunities (sales).

  • Optimize inventory levels, predict product fulfillment needs, and identify order backlog issues (supply chain).

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