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For over a decade, KAYGEN assisted clients in various industry verticals to take advantage of key business and technology opportunities. Partner with us to define a strategic roadmap, deploy pragmatic solutions and sustain value of your information assets.

Some highlights from our advisory enagements:

  • Accelerated quote-to-cash process and enabled growth with new and advanced customer insight at a high tech company.

  • Provided agility for a new technology platform, enabled business transformation by deploying flexible product data structures and management processes.

  • Enabled a leading Real Estate Management company to deliver exceptional experience to their tenants by integrating front and back office processes and applications.

  • Positioned a Medical Device manufacturer for growth by harnessing insights from their complex data of constituents involving patients, health care providers, insurance companies, hospitals and more.

rapidValue Advisory (rVA)

KAYGEN’s rapidValue Advisory (rVA) service is a comprehensive enterprise data health check across all corporate and operational systems. It is designed to quickly understand current state of information management, data model, data quality, integration architecture, as well as business alignment, data governance and stewardship performances. Overall rVA is a proven methodology looking into all aspects of data from completeness integrity, conformity to duplicates, consistency and accuracy.



Data Governance Advisory

Data Management has become a critical business process. And Kaygen is your business partner to build your internal practices for Data Governance and Stewardship.

We’ve enhanced our services with Collibra®’s Data Governance Center product suite. The complete end-to-end enterprise data stewardship platform that includes:

  • Business Semantics Glossary: Document business & data definitions. Visualize impact & traceability.
  • Data Stewardship Manager: Document business policies & rules. Implement a Data Helpdesk.
  • Reference Data Accelerator: Manage complex code hierarchies. Consolidate, map, and validate reference data.

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